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  1. M. Benčina, N. Rawat, D. Paul, J. Kovač, K. Lakota, P. Žigon, V. Kralj-Iglič, A. Iglič, I. Junkar: Enhanced hemocompatibility and cytocompatibility of stainless steel. ACS Omega, 2024 (printed online), 2024.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  2. Y. Ravid, S. Penič, N. Gov, V. Kralj-Iglič, A. Iglič, M. Drab: Numerical studies of triangulated vesicles with anisotropic membrane inclusions. Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly, (in print), 2024.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  3. R. K. Sadhu, M. Luciano, W. Xi, C. Martinez-Torres, M. Schröder, C. Blum, M. Tarantola, S. Villa, S. Penič, A. Iglič, C. Beta, O. Steinbock, E. Bodenschatz, B. Ladoux, S. Gabriele, Nir S. Gov: A minimal physical model for curvotaxis driven by curved protein complexes at the cell's leading edge. PNAS, 121 (12): e2306818121, 2024.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  4. L. Mesarec, S. Kralj, A. Iglič: Biaxial Structures of Localized Deformations and Line-like Distortions in Effectively 2D Nematic Films. Nanomaterials, 14: 246, 2024.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  5. Spasovski V., A. Romolo, U. Zagorc, V. Arrigler, M. Kisovec, A. Bedina Zavec, M. Arko, A. Molnár, G. Schlosser, A. Iglič, K. Kogej, V. Kralj-Iglič: Characterization of nanohybridosomes from lipids and spruce homogenate containing extracellular vesicles, Int. J. Nanomed., 19: 1709-1721, 2024.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  6. Park J., Tesler A., Gongadze E., Iglič A., Schmuki P., Mazare A.: Nanoscale topography of anodic TiO2 nanostructures is crucial for cell-surface interactions ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 16 (4): 4430–4438, 2024.
    [PDF], [Supporting Information] [WWW] [DOI]
  7. 2023

  8. Troha K., Vozel D., Arko M., Bedina Zavec A., Dolinar D., Hočevar M., Jan Z., Kisovec M., Kocjančič B., Pađen L., Pajnič M., Penič S., Romolo A., Repar N., Spasovski V., Steiner N., Šuštar V., Iglič A., Drobne D., Kogej K., Battelino S., Kralj-Iglič V.: Autologous Platelet and Extracellular Vesicle-Rich Plasma as Therapeutic Fluid: A Review. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(4): 3420, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  9. Rawat N., Benčina M., Paul D., Kovač J., Lakota K., Žigon P., Kralj-Iglič V., Ho Hsin-Chia, Vukomanović M., Iglič A., Junkar I.: Fine tuning nanostructured titanium oxide surface for selective biological response. ACS Appl. Bio Mater., 6: 5481−5492, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  10. D. Drabik, M. Drab, S. Penič, A. Iglič, A. Czogalla: Investigation of nano- and microdomains formed by ceramide 1 phosphate in lipid bilayers. Scientific Reports 13:18570, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW] [DOI]
  11. Ž. Pandur, S. Penič, A. Iglič, V. Kralj-Iglič, D. Stopar, M. Drab: Surfactin molecules with a cone-like structure promote the formation of membrane domains with negative spontaneous curvature and induce membrane invaginations. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 650(B): 1193-1200, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  12. R. K. Kumar Sadhu, C. Hernandez-Padilla, Y.E. Eisenbach, S. Penič, L. Zhang, H.D. Vishwasrao, B. Behkam, K. Konstantopoulos, H. Shroff, A. Iglič, E. Peles, A. S. Nain, N. S. Gov: Experimental and theoretical model for the origin of coiling of cellular protrusions around fibers. Nature Communications 14: 5612, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  13. M. Drab, V. Kralj-Iglič, N. Resnik, M. Erdani Kreft, P. Veranič, A. Iglič: Formation principles of tunneling nanotubes. Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly 37, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  14. L. Mesarec, W. Góźdź, V. Kralj-Iglič, S. Kralj, A. Iglič: Coupling of nematic in-plane orientational ordering and equilibrium shapes of closed flexible nematic shells. Scientific Reports 13:10663, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  15. M. Drab, M. Daniel, V. Kralj-Iglič, A. Iglič: Reply to the comments on the letter of Peets et al. titled “Comment on solitons in the Heimburg–Jackson model of sound propagation in lipid bilayers are enabled by dispersion of a stiff membrane” by Drab et al. Eur. Phys. J. E (2023)46:39, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  16. S. Sadhukhan, S. Penič, A. Iglič, N. S. Gov: Modelling how curved active proteins and shear flow pattern cellular shape and motility. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 11: 1193793, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  17. R. Sadhu, A. Iglič, N. S. Gov: A minimal cell model for lamellipodia-based cellular dynamics and migration. Journal of Cell Science, 136 (14): jcs260744, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  18. Y. Ravid, S. Penič, Y. Mimori-Kiyosue, S. Suetsugu, A. Iglič, N. S. Gov: Theoretical model of membrane protrusions driven by curved active proteins. Front. Mol. Biosci. 10: 1153420, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  19. Z. Jan, M. Hočevar, V. Kononenko, S. Michelini, N. Repar, M. Caf, B. Kocjančič, D. Dolinar, S. Kralj, D. Makovec, A. Iglič, D. Drobne, M. Jenko, V. Kralj-Iglič: Inflammatory, Oxidative Stress and Small Cellular Particle Response in HUVEC Induced by Debris from Endoprosthesis Processing. Materials 16(9): 3287, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  20. J. Łoś, A. Drozd-Rzoska, S. J. Rzoska, S. Starzonek, K. Czupryński, P. Mukherjee: Near-continuous isotropic – nematic transition in compressed rod-like liquid crystal based nanocolloid. J. Mol. Liq. 382: 121844, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  21. M. Jeran, A. Romolo, V. Spasovski, M. Hočevar, U. Novak, R. Štukelj, V. Šuštar, M. Kisovec, A. Bedina Zavec, K. Kogej, A. Iglič, P. Trebše, V. Kralj-Iglič: Small cellular particles from European spruce needle homogenate. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 24: 4349, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  24. R. Kumar Sadhu, S. R. Barger, S. Penič, A. Iglič, M. Krendel, N.C. Gauthiere, N.S. Gov: A theoretical model of efficient phagocytosis driven by curved membrane proteins and active cytoskeleton forces. Soft Matter 19, 31-43, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  25. A. Hölbl, L. Mesarec, J. Polanšek, A. Iglič, S. Kralj: Stable assemblies of topological defects in nematic orientational order. ACS Omega 8, 169−179, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  26. B. Schamberger, A. Roschger, R. Ziege, K. Anselme, M. Ben Amar, M. Bykowski, A.P.G. Castro, A. Cipitria, R. Coles, R. Dimova, M. Eder, S. Ehrig, L.M. Escudero, M.E. Evans, P.R. Fernandes, P. Fratzl, L. Geris, N. Gierlinger, E. Hannezo, A. Iglič, et al.: Curvature in Biological Systems: Its Quantification, Emergence, and Implications across the Scales. Advanced Materials, 35: 2206110, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  27. M. Drab, R. K. Sadhu, Y. Ravid, A. Iglič, V. Kralj-Iglič, N. S. Gov: Modeling cellular shape changes in the presence of curved membrane proteins and active cytoskeletal forces. Plasma Membrane Shaping, 415-429, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  28. N. S. Gov, V. Kralj-Iglič, R. K. Sadhu, L. Mesarec, A. Iglič: Physical principles of cellular membrane shapes. Plasma Membrane Shaping, 393-413, 2023.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  29. 2022

  30. M. Drab, V. Kralj-Iglič: Fermi gas mediates an attractive force between two parallel planes of equal charge. Chapter 2 in Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly Volume 36: 25-44, 2022.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  31. N. Rawat, M. Benčina, E. Gongadze, I. Junkar, A. Iglič: Fabrication of antibacterial TiO2 nanostructured surfaces using hydrothermal method. ACS Omega, 7: 47070−47077, 2022.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  32. A. Romolo, Z. Jan, A. Bedina Zavec, M. Kisovec, V. Arrigler, V. Spasovski, M. Podobnik, A. Iglič, G. Pocsfalvi, K. Kogej, V. Kralj-Iglič: Assessment of small cellular particles from four different natural sources and liposomes by interferometric light microscopy. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 23(24), 15801, 2022.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  33. M. Drab, M. Daniel, A. Iglič, V. Kralj-Iglič: Solitons in the Heimburg–Jackson model of sound propagation in lipid bilayers are enabled by dispersion of a stiff membrane. The European Physical Journal E 45(79), 2022.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  35. M. Benčina, I. Junkar, A. Vesel, M. Mozetič, A. Iglič: Nanoporous Stainless Steel Materials for Body Implants—Review of Synthesizing Procedures. Nanomaterials 12, 2924, 2022.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  40. 2021

  41. J. Raval, A. Iglič, W. Gozdz: Investigation of Shape Transformations of Vesicles, Induced by Their Adhesion to Flat Substrates Characterized by Different Adhesion Strength. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22(24), 13406, 2021.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  43. M. Benčina, N. Rawat, K. Lakota, S. Sodin Semrl, A. Iglič, I. Junkar: Bio-performance of hydrothermally and plasma-treated Titanium: The new generation of vascular stents. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22(21): 11858, 2021.
    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
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    [PDF], [WWW], [DOI].
  59. 2020

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  74. 2019

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