Laboratory of Biohysics
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Laboratory of Biophysics

Tržaška 25,
1000 Ljubljana

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Experimental facilities


Our paper Imani et al.: 'Multifunctional Gadolinium-Doped Mesoporous TiO2 Nanobeads: Photoluminescence, Enhanced Spin Relaxation, and Reactive Oxygen Species Photogeneration, Beneficial for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment', Small, 1700349, 2017 has been highlighted on the Advanced Science News service. You can access the article about our achievement in Advanced Science News here. See also: Akcent, RTV Slovenija and Delo, 8. 3. 2018.

10 most significant scientific achievements of University of Ljubljana in 2017
Our article, published in the journal Small (1700349, 2017) was selected among 10 most significant scientific achievements of University of Ljubljana in the year 2017.

Odlični v znanosti 2017: 5 most significant scientific achievements in Slovenia in the field of medicine in the year 2017
The article of our associate member of our laboratory prof. Veronika Kralj-Iglič was published in ACS Nano and selected among 5 most significant scientific achivements in Slovenia in the field of medicine in the year 2017. RTV Ljubljana: Zmagovalci 2017, GEA (april 2018).

Ex-tempore, Hrastovlje, 2017.

Cover image of our paper in Soft Matter, July 2015:

A book Nanostructures in Biological Systems: Theory and Applications (by Aleš Iglič, Damjana Drobne, Veronika Kralj-Iglič, 534 pages, Pan Stanford) was published in July 2015

Pridružena članica našega laboratorija prof. dr. V. Kralj-Iglič sodelovala pri odkritju delovanja receptorja imunskega sistema v revmatoidnem artritisu:
Morel, Delo.

A movie of the Laboratory of Clinical Biophysics:
Nanoparticles isolated from blood


Selected publications

R. Imani, R. Dillert, D.W. Bahnemann, M. Pazoki, T. Apih, V. Kononenko, N. Repar, V. Kralj-Iglič, G. Boschloo, D. Drobne, T. Edvinsson, A. Iglič: Multi functional Gadolinium-Doped Mesoporous TiO2 Microbeads: A potential for cancer diagnosis and treatment, Small, 1700349, 2017.

R. Imani, M. Pazoki, A. Tiwari, G. Boschloo, A.P.F. Turner, V. Kralj-Iglič and Aleš Iglič: Band edge engineering of TiO2@DNA nanohybrids and implications for capacitive energy storage devices, Nanoscale, 7: 10438-10448, 2015.

E. Gongadze, A. Iglič: Asymmetric size of ions and orientational ordering of water dipoles in electric double layer model – an analytical mean-field approach, Electrochim. Acta 178: 541–545, 2015.

Gongadze, A. Velikonja, S. Perutkova, P. Kramar, A. Macek-Lebar, V. Kralj-Iglic, A. Iglic, Ions and water molecules in an electrolyte solution in contact with charged and dipolar surfaces, Electrochimica Acta, 126: 42-60, 2014.

Perutkova Š., Daniel M., Rappolt M., Pabst G., Dolinar G. , Kralj-Iglič V., Iglič A.: Elastic deformations in hexagonal phases studied by small angle X-ray diffraction and simulations. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2011.

Gongadze E., Kabaso D., Bauer S., Slivnik T., Schmuki P., van Rienen U., Iglič A.: Adhesion of osteoblasts to a nanorough titanium implant surface, Int. J. Nanomed., 6:1801-1816, 2011, [www].

Fošnarič M., Iglič A., Kroll D.M., May S.: Monte Carlo simulations of complex formation between a mixed fluid vesicle and a charged colloid , J Chem Phys 131, 105103 (2009).

Veranič P., Lokar M., Schuetz G.J., Weghuber J., Wieser S., Hagerstrand H., Kralj-Iglič V., Iglič A.: Different types of cell-to-cell connections mediated by nanotubular structures, Biophys J., 95 (2008) 4416 - 4425.

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